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Bringing health back into your own hands: by making educated decisions about what your body needs within the comfort of your own home, at our Dayton clinic, or in our Menahga clinic!


Why IV Therapy?

We've always been intrigued by health care and believe firmly that there is room for both traditional and alternative care.  If you look at the data, 90% of the reasons why people come to the hospital are due to lifestyle choices--poor/inadequate diet, lack of exercise, poor lifestyle choices.  We've always wanted to be able to offer something with our knowledge to help people in the prevention side of health--rather than waiting until you are so ill you are in need of the hospital. 


Many of us have issues with digestion...  and digestive issues lead to improper absorption of vitamins and nutrients.  When your digestive system isn't working correctly - say you've had bowel surgery, or bariatric surgery.  Say you've been sick, on antibiotics.  Or you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn's Disease...  there are a multitude of issues with your gut that can lead to issues with absorption.  When you have absorption issues, how much of your supplements are you actually getting?

This leads us to IV therapy, because when you infuse vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream there is a 90-100% absorption rate rather than the 10-20% absorption rate of oral supplements.  It just makes sense!  The longer and deeper we delve into the research into how vitamins and nutrients affect our bodies and our health, the more exciting IV therapies become.  


There are so many areas that we are excited to work with you on--recovery from illness or marathons, boosting your immune system, pre/post-surgical care for better wound healing, multivitamin drips for bariatric surgery patients, weight loss--the list is endless! We look forward to journeying on this path beside you, to help you in your quest for optimal health.

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Who is IV Fusion?

Kristen Wikman, Registered Nurse

Kristen has worked in many different units in the hospital over the past 10 years:  medical, surgical, neurology, spine/ortho, telemetry, rehab, observation, medical progressive, surgical progressive, ICU and the Emergency Department.  She has also worked in a same day surgery center as well as worked in Utilization Review for an insurance company as a RN.  Kristen has a passion for helping people and is looking forward to transferring that passion to the preventative and more natural approach to healthcare!

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Dayton & Menahga Clinic Location
shared with
Naturale Alternatives

We are so excited to share that we will be sharing clinic space in Dayton, MN with Naturale Alternatives.  Highly trained staff include Ernest Huhta as well as a number of other highly trained massage therapists.  Treatments include Chiropractic care, Electrical Stimulation, Bio-Feedback, Neuromuscular Reduction/Mobilization, Myofascial release, Deep Tissue Massage, Myo lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, and a host of other therapies.

Who We Serve

We will serve those clients who are greater than age 14 and greater than or equal to 100lbs.

We unfortunately cannot serve those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a history of CHF, poorly controlled HF, heart attack within the last 3 months, active use of Nitroglycerin, Stage 4 or greater renal impairment, peritoneal or hemodialysis, and those with a sensitivity/allergy to any of our additives.

IV Infusions

mixes blended just for you

Add On to IV

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Add on Injections

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