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balance your body, recover your nervous system, recharge your cells.

target specific issues, improve your immune system, re-energize your body

Experience the cellular, sleep and general wellness benefits that AmpCoil journeys can offer when sound frequencies are combined with magnetic energy.

  The AmpCoil is a wellness tool that works with the energy in your body as well as innovative technology from Nikola Tesla, mainstream physics and quantum mechanics.  AmpCoil is unique in that it combines multiple scientifically proven technologies that help balance the body's systems at a sub-cellular level including:  sound frequency delivery, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), bio acoustic AmpCoil magnetic field, bio resonance, Better Guide software.  These energies are able to envelop the body in a pervasive and transformative energy.  It is able to reach deep into cells, organs, tissues, skeletal muscles and bones to create harmony within your cells.

The AmpCoil transmits very quiet sounds along with safe, gentle and highly effective pulsed electromagnetic field waves with resonate with your own body's magnetic field to harmonize and shift your internal vibration.   Think back to your chemistry class, or your beginning biology/physics class where you may recall that everything is created of cells, that the cells are full of energy, and that this energy is either positive or negative, that it attracts or repels certain ions from them.  In this way your body is created, with energy, that multiple chemical reactions occur to create digestion, to harvest energy, to cause the flight or flight reaction when faced with fear.  When the cellular vibration, or energy is "off," it may disrupt the intention of the cellular activity.  This change may cause symptoms - achy bones, fatigue, etc.  When many symptoms are presented together for a period of time, they may present as certain illnesses, or diseases.   AmpCoil does not diagnose, does not treat disease, and does not replace primary care treatment.  It does however offer aide in the way that cellular energy is vibrating, and can help quiet, change vibration and therefore cause change in symptoms.

The Better Guide App is a sound software that is used in conjunction with the AmpCoil to present a large playlist of preset AmpCoil journeys.   AmpCoil has also offered voice print bio resonance, where you record your own voice, and the software is able to hear dissonances and areas in which the vibration is not quite as it should.  Imagine if you are angry, your voice, as you relate of your anger is very different from the voice you use when you receive a handmade gift from a child.  In this way, the voice print technology is able to differentiate underlying sounds that may resonate as "off" and offer a unique journey toward healing.

Each time you use the AmpCoil, your journey could the different, depending on what you are working towards.  There are pain relief journeys, rejuvenating journeys, journeys to detox, to cleanse, to aide with sleep, to target nutrition or organs, as well as others.   Each session is about 30-60 minutes in length, you will simply relax, hold the AmpCoil over your torso or back and enjoy the slight vibration and small sounds that emit from the Coil.  Heat and massage also available during your treatment.  Afterwards you should feel rested, energized and ready to take on the day. 


At times, especially with detox and cleanse journeys, there may be a slight detox reaction - it could be an increase in symptoms you are experiencing, it could be fatigue, body aches, etc.  These symptoms should be slight, temporary, ease over time and can be relieved with a rejuvenating journey.  Symptoms also aided by hydration - drink lots of water and try an IV vitamin infusion in conjunction with your session for optimal results!  Ask about a combined AmpCoil/IV infusion session.

Best results are achieved with at least 4-6 treatments, and some will achieve optimal results with ongoing treatments.  Treatments should not be given more than 3 times per week, not more than 75 minutes per day.  Treatments safe for children 6 months through 14 (puberty) at a modified level of energy, and most adults.

AmpCoil can be used in single session treatments for rejuvenating sessions.  However, if wanting to address specific issues, or to aide with healing, packages are set up for optimal results.  3-5 pack sessions will be offered, 10 pack sessions, and a 3-month commitment package will be offered for those seeking cleansing journeys.  Optimal results are found with repeated use.  For this reason, we have invested in another AmpCoil and will be offering weekly and monthly rentals to those seeking specific wellness journeys.  These rentals will come with specific instructions on how to use the coil, and then you will be able to coil at your leisure in your own home!  Clinic AmpCoil treatments, along with the heat treatment and light massage can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.

Reading a Book
AmpCoil sessions $60
Heat $10
10 minute hand/foot massage $10

Book your session today!

Weekly rental $200
Monthly rental $650 (almost 1 week free!)

Who Should Not Utilize AmpCoil

Because of the energy disruption that AmpCoil causes, which is generally beneficial, there are those populations in which energy disruption is not recommended.  These include those with magnetic/electronic pumps or equipment implanted in them, pregnant or breastfeeding mommas, babies under 6 months old.  There are too many cellular changes occurring energetically during fetal growth and the first 6 months of age, Amp Coiling is not recommended during these times.  Between 6 months and 14 years, a lower, more cautionary energy would be utilized, as well as for those who are very sensitive to energies, prone to reactions, or immunocompromised with multiple co-morbidities.

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