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Vitamins. Nutrients. Hydration.

IV Infusions

IV Infusions are a great way to feeling better quickly.  You can use them to quickly hydrate, to boost your immunity, to aid with wound healing, for weight loss, or endless other symptoms.  Use them instead of all your vitamins and supplements (you no longer have to remember to take them) or in addition to your supplements, and remember, you are getting these nutrients infused directly into your bloodstream for nearly 100% absorption rather than the 10-20% absorption that you do with your daily vitamin.  Scroll on to see what options we offer that will benefit you!

Unsure about your option or what is best for you?  We can talk when you schedule your appointment, at the time of your appointment, and we also offer the option for you to have a telehealth appointment with our Nurse Practitioner for specific recommendations and complex medical issues upon request.

Add-On Services

For when you need a little extra besides what's in the mix, or you would like to add an injection to your infusion to get the most out of our services...see what else we offer below! 

Note:  if you are wanting to purchase only the add-on, an additional fee of $60 for the set-up costs/time will apply to the add on service.  Please select add-on when booking your appointment. 

If you are adding to your infusion, the price listed below is your cost, and you can simply let me know during the appointment that you would like to add on to your infusion.

New for 2024, now offering AmpCoil therapy!  Improve your energy, your immune system, your sleep, and how your body is functioning from a cellular level with PEMF and sound/vibrational therapy!


...more about us and how we got here...

Are we qualified? Yes!  Over 10 years of acute care experience as a Registered Nurse working in the following units: medical, surgical, neurology, orthopedic, rehab, telemetry, observation, medical progressive, surgical progressive, ICU and the emergency department.  Also experience working in a same day surgery center and now working at multiple different hospitals across the Twin Cities in medical/surgical units.

We saw first-hand how medicine is focused on disease rather than wellness...  We saw how many of the reasons that bring people to the hospital are preventable, and it brought about the wish to be able to help educate people, prevent illness and promote wellness.  Our belief is that you should be able to take your health into your own hands.  You should have the power to choose where to go for health care.  If you are suffering from a migraine, rather than spending a lot of money at the emergency room (while waiting for hours and exposing yourself to everything else in the waiting room) call us and we can help you for a fraction of the price.  Rather than suffering silently at home from illness, reach out and get an infusion to help recover more quickly.  We can help you recover more quickly from your next marathon, or help you on your weight loss journey.   We hope to help you prevent illness through our wellness drips by infusing vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream for immediate and better absorption.  If you have had bariatric surgery, or an issue with malnutrition, come see us for an IV treatment to help!  We can help you with infusions before and after surgery to aid with wound healing.  Whether it's boosting your immune system or helping before and after an event such as surgery or a big party, let's get together and talk about how we can best help you on your journey!

"A healthy outside starts from the inside"

Robert Urich

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Serving the Western Twin Cities Suburbs:

Maple Grove, Dayton, St Michael, Rogers, Albertville, Monticello, Clearwater, Buffalo, Maple Lake, St Cloud and surrounding areas.

Serving the Menahga/Park Rapids Area

*we are always willing to drive further, additional fees may apply





in Raintree Plaza every other Friday & Saturday

11311 Dayton River Road, Dayton, MN 55327


every other Monday, see schedule for dates

255 Aspen Ave NW, Menahga, MN 56464

Thanks for contacting us!

(763) 250-0427 - text is best

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Sandra H.

"My experience with IV Fusion was wonderful! Kristen is an amazing nurse, very professional and personable...I felt great after and had more energy in the days to follow.  The whole process was seamless... I highly recommend IV Fusion!"

Helen H.

"A very pleasant and relaxing experience! Kristen was very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. She's a very nice individual and I will definitely rebook!"

Cheryl S.

"I picked up a terrible cold and the IV made me feel 90% better immediately.  I wasn't so exhausted and I slept great that night. My cough is already starting to get better.  I feel the IV cuts time I would have otherwise been sick in half."
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